Add Golden Gate to ClusterWare

Adding Golden Gate to ClusterWare

STEP 1 - Add an application VIP for Golden Gate

1. Add an application VIP as oracle
CLUSTERWARE_HOME/bin/crs_profile -create ggatevip \ 
 -t application \ 
 -a CLUSTERWARE_HOME/bin/usrvip \ 
 -o oi=eth0,ov=,on=

2. Рegister the VIP as oracle: 
CLUSTERWARE_HOME/bin/crs_register ggatevip

3. Connect as root and execute:
CLUSTERWARE_HOME/bin/crs_setperm ggatevip -o root  CLUSTERWARE_HOME/bin/crs_setperm ggatevip -u user:oracle:r-x  
4.  Connect as oracle, start the VIP: 
CLUSTERWARE_HOME/bin/crs_start ggatevip  
5. Validate whether the VIP is running and on which node it is running, execute: 
CLSUTERWARE_HOME/bin/crs_stat ggatevip -t

connect to another server in the subnet and ping the VIP's IP address. 
ping -c4